I don’t feel anything about this Valentine. I have no idea about people who celebrate this moment. Of course, I have been doing the same. But it was just my past. From now on everything will be much better. I’m having some hopes that are ever missing from my heart.
The rain comes to the earth very heavy this Valentine. I like to see the rainbow. It is just come true after through the rain. So, I accept that.
I am so happy to get this chance. Golden time, very precious. Bravely I took that decision. He is the best from several choices I though. And the best ever. I prove that and I will prove this all my life.
Now, I don’t care again about what it is. No matter Christmas or Easter, Valentine or April Mop. I just want to love this person. In my little complete family, these are more than enough for this time. Even once in a lifetime, as my promise.***
My headache comes and comes naturally. My beloved person is healing me, sometimes. Nightmares come without invited by whoever. I really expect a sweet dream than that. Still positive thinking! Blissful comes in so many ways. And never fear to face unhappiness. Both of them will always come into life.

Best words especially for:
My mother’s birthday 3 days ago (February’ 18′ 2020) “I hope the best thing from this world to you, my beloved. I love You. And I hope your special day will bring you lots of happiness, love, and fun.” (Thanks for everything my world…)

The wedding of my close friend Gilar and Jois (February 15′ 2020) “Be happy… I hope both of you take care of each other and love forever”

Bu Petrus’s birthday at February’ 13′ 2020 “Wish You a very happy birthday. Healthy always… May you be gifted with life’s biggest joys.” 


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